Our Playlists

Hip-hop has been a massive inspiration to us and our brand. Because of this, we wanted to showcase some of the music that both got us here and still gets us through our working day. We've accumulated a mixture of tracks from the last few decades and combined them together into this one convenient playlist. 🎧

This is the first of our custom playlists and we will continue to put together sets like this. Consider it the soundtrack to our website. If you're into soulful instrumentals, intricate lyrics and catchy hooks then you'll find some gems here. 👌

Most FIFA players are FIFA players for life, and we all know that the soundtracks are almost as pivotal as the gameplay. There have been so many memorable tracks since the beginning, and so we thought it'd be a great idea to pay homage to these with this playlist. The songs have been carefully selected to give you the ultimate FIFA experience. ⚽

If you're a die-hard, each song will take you right back and have you feeling nostalgic for old school FIFA menus. Though we have definitely not excluded some of the more recent offerings, that have no doubt been ingraining themselves into your brain whilst you have been getting your FUT on. 🎮

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